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Welcome the new age of Finance.

Digitally manage your expenses

Besides keeping an eye on your expenses Akafay has an in built AI assistant to help you plan out our purchases and not overspend accordingly.

Open API integration

Akafay integrates with many ecommerce platforms, payment gateways and shopping carts. This makes it easy for businesses to get up and running with Akafay.

Flexible re-payment for purchases

Allowing customers to pay over time in interest-free installments. This can increase conversion rates and average order values.

Fintech Highlight

In the initial phases, people who are living in the urban side of the country, have got an active bank account and have access to mobile connectivity are targeted as the TAM. According to the data from Digital Ethiopia 2023, the TAM for Akafay is around 7.9% of the population which come down to 9.96 million of the population.

1 %

Of the population has an account with a financial institution

1 %

Have got cellular mobile connection

1 %

Of the population has made a digital payment (2022)

Source: Digital Ethiopia 2023

Valued Stakeholders

With Akafay, there are 3 major stakeholders in play. While Akafay makes it easy and cheap to purchase products or acquire services for customers, it generates leads, improves average order for the merchant while creating appealing returns both in cash and customers for the partnering banks.

Customers / Consumers

Save interest & structured payments - - Digital UX and customer service - Instant credit decisions - Merchant discounts - Transparent and easy to understand

Merchants / E-commerce

Enhanced conversion - Lift in average order value - Boost in E-commerce sales - Leads, traffic, and co-marketing - Data and customer insights

Banks and Partners

Attract new customers - younger and digital-native consumers - revenue from transactions -cross-sell or upsell products or services (insurance, savings, or investements)

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Agaz AI

Agaz AI is customers' in app AI companion, which helps you in finding products based on your interest, showing you top products, recommend products or even as far as finding a specific gift.

Circle Protocol

mixing behavior and biometrics, Circle protocol takes transaction security to the next level, by verifying and approving users on a transaction level.



Akafay Card

Is a digital card, with spending limit as its amount, and helps in pament via its code, allowing users create multiple cards for multiple income streams.

Akafay Advisor

Is a budgeting tool, that helps in managing your spending and reminding of credit re-payments saving from penalties and late fee charges.


Credit Scoring AI Engine

Analyze customer data and provide improved creditworthiness prediction, credit score assignment and determining eligibility for use. 

Merhcant Advertisement

Merchants can advertise their store (physical or online) and their products on Akafay with a small ad fee 

Insights and analytics

Akafay provides data and insights into customer shopping behavior, preferences and trends. To further optimize marketing, product offerings and checkout experience.

Customer Service

Akafay handles customer service for the payment options they provide. Reducing the burden on the business to support payment-related customer inquiries.



Flexible payment options

Allowing customers to pay over time in interest-free installments. This can increase conversion rates and average order values.

Seamless checkout

Akafay offers a smooth one-page checkout experience that is fast and mobile-friendly. This can reduce cart abandonment and improve the customer experience.

Insights and analytics

Akafay provides data and insights into customer shopping behavior, preferences and trends. This can help businesses optimize their marketing, product offerings and checkout experience

Customer acquisition

Akafay will help businesses attract more customers, especially younger and new-to-credit consumers, who prefer flexible and convenient payment options.



Want to start using Akafay?

Our platform is offered in various outlets, depending on the user types:

For Customers:

Mobile Application

Web portal and Dashboard

For Merchants and Ecommerce Platforms

Mobile Application

E-commerce plug-in

Web portal and Dashboard

API endpoints

For Banks and Partners:

API endpoints

Activity and metrics dashboard

Affordability redefined


Is BNPL an installment loan?

Yes, BNPL is a type of installment loan that allows consumers to pay for their purchases over a fixed number of payments, usually with no interest.

Where can I use BNPL? 

You can use BNPL at any participating retailer that has partnered with a BNPL provider, either online or in-store12. You can also use some BNPL apps to shop at any retailer that accepts their payment method.

What happens if I don’t pay BNPL? 

If you don’t pay your BNPL installments on time, you may incur late fees, interest charges, or penalties depending on the BNPL provider and the plan you choose. You may also damage your credit score if the BNPL provider reports your delinquency to the credit bureaus

Are banks offering BNPL? 

  • Some banks are offering their own versions of BNPL, either through their own apps or by partnering with existing BNPL providers. For example, Citi, Chase, and American Express have launched their own BNPL options for their credit card customers2.